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Jetter Green


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The mock photo shown within the product images is 48" x 48" on canvas


  • The most popular material and size option is 24 x 24 on canvas 
  • Materials that include a simple hanging device are canvas, Plexiglass, wood, metal
  • The water color paper option does not include a hanging device. Typically the water color paper is framed by the customer by an outside framer, to their specific aesthetic preference
  • The wood and Plexiglass, in sizes over 36 x 36, would require installation over a stud or with anchors due to the weight of these materials 
  • Canvas and metal, even in larger sizes, do not require a stud or anchors - as they’re still fairly light in weight

Please email us at with ANY additional questions regarding materials and installation. We’re happy to help curate the most epic space for you!

old of the unknown

  • High-Quality Prints

    We use museum-quality printers and high-grade materials for all pieces.

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    All prints come with everything you need to install your art within minutes.

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    Each print is customized and delivered quickly for your immediate enjoyment.